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I worked alongside UX researcher Max Cabrera and Estudio Rinci & Asociados to re-think their digital experience. Estudio Rinci wanted to have a greater online presence and adapt its services to the new era.

They were also looking forward to have a streamline contact with its clients and captivate potential new clients and business opportunities.
We perceived seriousness and formality as a professional quality. Estudio Rinci wanted to keep that vision but make it modern and appealing. They were also looking to provide useful information following a content marketing strategy.

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Some questions are inevitable to craft a perfect site: what prompted this redesign? what are the goals of the site? what is your vision of what the site should do? Is there a particular style that you prefer or any sites you’d like to model? what characteristics, attributes should the site convey to users? are deadlines in place requiring the project to be completed by a specific date? and of course, it’s crucial to identify target audiences, critical and non critical tasks and so on.


Estudio Rinci’s target were national and international companies, international taxpayers, and fellow lawyers. Their audience prefer to use mobile devices. We focus all efforts on a simple and effective responsive design.


UX: Benchmarking; User research – Interviews, surveys, user/customer journeys-; User Flow, Information Architecture, Usability testing; Heuristics.


Design system 

After researching and collecting references, I made some low-fi sketches to let go of my hand and let the creativity flow. I follow the guidelines and the documentation provided by the UX team.
I sketched the results and Figma, where I apply hierarchy and I crafted the new design system based on components and variants. Always according to the principles previously discussed.

After several collab meetings where we ideate on the results, we agreed on the next steps. Decisions about color, typography and spacing, among others. A Styleguide simplifies the work afterward and gives consistency to the design.


Sketching, Wireframing, Design System (color palettes, typography, iconography, components, responsive web, apps and desktop), Prototyping (responsive and desktop)


I shared the prototype with the rest of the team and the client, and delivered a working product along with a design system that set the foundation to build upon. I also provided the firm with specific documentation to help them promote coherence and consistency through their future actualizations and blog posts.


Measurement tests run after publishing the site yielded great results for this site. Our client was happy with its new digital face wash.

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