Hi, I’m Magali (AKA Gali), a Product Designer and illustrator based in Stockholm. 

I love to investigate, strange objects -especially if they are vintage- and watch people on the street. I also like to guess people zodiac sign. I often do it.  

Within Product Design, my main task is the conceptualization and design of digital products, providing empathetic design solutions that take into account user and business needs, and/or maintain or consolidate and optimize the journey of existing products.

Product design

UX research (quantitative and qualitative methods such as surveys, interviews, usability tests, analytics, heatmaps, among others ).

UX Design (information architecture, sitemaps, user flows/journeys among others)

Audit and high quality recommendations in UX design best practices.

Accessibility/ WCAG 2.1 standards

Cross-platform user interface design.

Design System (color palettes, typography, iconography, components, responsive web, apps and desktop).

Sketches, wireframes, lo-fi and hi-fi designs in general and prototypes: Adobe XD, Figma, Miro, Sketch, among others.
Atomic Design.



Digital illustration (Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate) and analog illustration, worth clarifying! (various techniques: acrilic, goauche, markers, linocuts among others).



Attention to detail.
Ability to adapt and teamwork. 

Proactive, responsible, flexible and decisive. 

Beyond the particularities between the disciplines in which I work, my work processes begin almost the same: lots of reading and research or briefing analysis. I really care about exploring different options and the opportunities that arise with each case.

Since my initial training has focused on art and visual stimuli, I try to print and integrate all the elements and experiences that I have collected and I continue to collect in my moodboards, journals or the walls of my house -any physical or virtual platform that allows me to collect images and objects – so peculiar things can come up.


Today my focus is 99.9% on digital product design design, although I always let myself some time to draw.