Project: Dyson


Dyson is a global technology company with more than 27 years in the market. Their expertise in manufacturing vacuums, hair dryers,  air filters and other products has made them one of the worldwide tops companies in their field.

They are moving their CMS from Magento to Salesforce, AEM and Hybris.

As part of the UX team, we took this opportunity to test and improve usability and accessibility of their Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea interfaces.


Dyson has an existing and full running website created and developed by Deloitte and launched in 2018. They created a global design system which later used and adapted to all their worldwide interfaces. Dyson wished was to maintain this design system as it is, and focused mainly in audit and improving UX.


We offered the company to run several kinds of audits like usability testing, benchmarking, heuristics, accessibility compliance among others.


They decided that the scope for this project would be focused in:


– Accessibility compliance according Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 

-Cover gaps between the former CMS and the new ones that brought about design changes.


I worked alongside my colleague and partner Maximiliano Cabrera and Mindtree

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