Project: Gali Gali Illustrator website

One of my first prototypes- Lots of changes came afterwards


From the first moment I knew and had to give priority to the images that are the final result of my work as an illustrator and visual designer. So after some competitors research I decided for a minimalist and pic-centered portfolio. On the other hand, illustrators and UI-UX designers upload their projects on many platforms such as Behance, Dribble, Tumblr so I thought there is no need in multiplying the same information over and over again. Taking these points into account, In most cases I linked to my projects that uploaded in detail on Behance. I chose a pastel color palette that represents my identity and though I first chose a handwritten typeface thinking of transmitting a certain artisan aspect in my work, finally opted for a pleasant but more legible typeface.

Some color and typography studies. I like to keep an “analog” notebook



Like all my projects, my research stage begins with studying design trends in the area and competitor analysis. Then I move to lo-fi sketching and hi-fi sketching. In this case, I worked with Figma. Once I finished composing the pages, continue to create the styleguide.


Ivymode regular/semi bold for first and second level titles. Ivymode thin for text. Varela: footer and less hierarchy subtitles.


For this site, I first created hand-drawing website icons but the changed them for vectorized ones I created with Figma. I used the brush as favicon and cursor that changes from empty to fill when hovering a link.


In this case I was my own client so testing and final design happened simultaneously. I spend great time wireframing and creating the guidestyle so it was easier to get to the final results.

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