Project: Riddikula Online Store


Riddikula started out as an Etsy shop and on Instagram. Today they aim to create their own online store and in the long term, to be a platform that welcomes the work of many artisans and artists in the decoration and jewelry sectors.



Like all my projects, my research stage begins with studying design trends in the area and competitor analysis. Then I move to lo-fi sketching and hi-fi sketching. In this case, I worked with Miro. Once I finished composing the pages, continue to create the styleguide. Figma is a perfect software for this stage.


A chose a Display typeface to make an impact with headings: Bungee, and Varela to texts, buttons and other features.

Buttons & other features

Im currently working in personalized buttons, icons and features that will print identity and closeness to the target audience.

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