Riddikula aims to be a regional e-commerce platform that supports jewelry and decor artisans entrepreneurs by providing them with a simple and convenient method of selling, shipping, and processing payments for their products within Europe

Riddikula has a two phases plan: 


1. (July 2022) Launch as regular e-commerce, gathering the work of a selected artisans and crafters.


For this stage, is expected to have: 

Monthly traffic: 5000 visits

Registered Users: 50


2. (2023-2024) Launch the seller version, where small entrepreneurs and artists can set up their online store using this e-commerce platform which will offer: shipping, quick and secure payment; a comprehensive dashboard where to view your business growth, taxes; shipping options, fast and simple checkout, among others.


UX: Benchmarking; User research -user/customer journeys-; User Flow, Information Architecture, Usability testing; Heuristics, Accessibility/ WCAG 2.1 standards.

research results

In this stage, we analyzed the data and created the user personas, the features that were needed, the tone of the site and several insights for creating the design system.

We also defined extern triggers (newsletters, notifications)



New brand (unknown, zero traffic, zero data and therefore analytics)

Reduced budget.



Product owners

Product designer 🙋🏻‍♀️

Marketing (content writing, SEO, ads and social media).

Development (meetings to review the design and check availability and feasibility of the sketches and mockups).


Sketching, Wireframing, Design System (color palettes, typography, iconography, components, responsive web, apps and desktop), Prototyping (responsive and desktop)