Hej! I hope you´re doing great today. I’m Magali, a Product Designer, and this is what I believe: 

so I encourage entrepreneurs and organizations to change their approach to their product, to offer a purposeful and effective experience.

Human centered design

user research

interaction design


I build products following HCD, that focus into users needs, constraints, contexts, behaviors, and wants—so that I can build deep empathy with them, generating ideas to help solve their problems


Day-in-the-life user interviews and behavioral observations. Provides empathy and understanding of users, tasks, goals, culture and context of use. Methods: Personas, Field Studies, Ethnography, Diary Studies, Journey Maps


Designing how a user interacts with an interface, grounded on empathy and business objectives. ID maps out the flow, navigation and use of each aspect of functionality, including your conversion path and call to action. 

usability testing

web analitycs

visual design


The most powerful tool to discover if your design works. It can give you an insight into how your users think using, giving you individual behavioral feedback. How users behave with your design is more important than what they think of it.


Collection, reporting, and analysis of website data with tools such as Google Analytics, Heatmaps, Eyetracking, and so on.


Choices on graphic design, layout, icons, typography and user interface elements are hugely important to perceived ease of use, which has been found to impact their intent to purchase/convert.



Being aware of accessibility It´s a win-win approach, though designing inclusively often improves the product experience for everyone Tools: W3G Audit; Accessibility code audit; Checker Tools.